Continuous Monitoring 

CyberMyte can provide your organization with a continuous monitoring strategy that includes the timeframe and tools that will maintain your environment’s security posture at an acceptable risk level. CyberMyte will also provide continuous monitoring support by performing routine patch management, vulnerability assessments, remediations and mitigations for your environment. 

Vulnerability Assessments 

Using authorized DoD tools, CyberMyte will perform scans of your environment; vulnerability scans, STIGs, and SCAP scans will be used to find all your vulnerabilities. CyberMyte has the expertise to remediate or provide mitigations for all the vulnerabilities. 

Risk Management

CyberMyte uses NIST SP 800-53r4 and NIST SP 800-171 and required DoD instructions to perform a risk assessment on your environment. CyberMyte has the experience to find, remediate, and mitigate risk within your network to lessen the security risk posture to an acceptable risk level. 


CyberMyte offers Consulting Services ranging from day-to-day assistance, advanced system administrations, and security consulting.