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Enabling Secured Innovations

CyberMyte is a Woman-Owned, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business determined to help meet the stringent DoD Cybersecurity requirements. Providing consulting services, security assessments, system/network compliance, security policies, system/network continuous monitoring, and system/network security risk assessments.

CyberMyte and its employees have over 30 years experience with designing and securing DoD information systems and networks. Knowledgeable with the current DoD Directives to include the requirement to meet the NIST Risk Management Framework. Subject matter experts in a variety of Operating Systems, virtualization environments, automation applications, containerized environments, and networking equipment both physical and virtual. CyberMyte's goal is to enhance the security posture of your organization while enabling an innovating environment. Keep innovating and we keep it secure.


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Risk Management

CyberMyte will use NIST and DoD required instructions to perform a Risk Assessment for your Systems and Network. CyberMyte has the experience needed to find, remediate and mitigate risk within your Network to lessen the security risk posture to an acceptable level.

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Security Policies

CyberMyte will provide the security policies necessary to follow the DoD standards. Our knowledge of DoD Instruction and NIST 800 Special Publications governing the RMF process allows us to create, review, and update your security policies.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Using authorized DoD tools, CyberMyte will perform scans of your Systems and Network. Vulnerability scans, STIGs, and SCAP scans will be used to find all your vulnerabilities. CyberMyte has the expertise to remediate or provide mitigations for all vulnerabilities.

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Continuous Monitoring

CyberMyte will provide your organization with a Continuous Monitoring Strategy that dictates the timeframe and tools used to maintain your System and Network security posture at an acceptable risk level. CyberMyte will also provide continuous monitoring support by performing patch management, vulnerability assessments, remediation and mitigations for your system or network.


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